Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Transportation ID program lacks a reliable disaster recovery plan, GAO says

Replacing smart cards after power outage at TWIC data processing center could cost $26 million

The Homeland Security Department enrolled more 1.1 million workers in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program by its April 15, 2009, deadline for issuing the biometric ID cards to access secure port facilities. But the lack of a disaster recovery program on the part of the Transportation Security Administration allowed a power outage at a data processing center to interrupt the process and eventually could require the replacement of up to 410,000 of the smart cards.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pradonet Extends Battery Life and add Internal GPS to the ST4EX Mobile Identification Handheld

Pradonet Technologies USA , a leader in providing mobile id verification solutions , today announced the release of two new extended life batteries and internal GPS for the popular ST4EX mobile biometric identification handheld terminal. The ST4EX Mobile ID Handheld Terminal now has two options of battery power, one being a upgrade to two 1550mAH batteries and two being one single 3100mAH battery. In addition the unit will now include a internal GPS module.
Both new rechargeable battery options allow the ST4EX handheld biometric terminal to operate continuously for up to 12 hours. In addition, the extended batteries are as before hot swappable in the field without losing any valuable data. The internal GPS added to the ST4EX allows users to pinpoint locations of all transactions taking place on the handheld.
“We have managed to add more field usage to the already popular small and lightweight St4EX handheld platform. The additional battery life allows for more modules to be added without subtracting power usage, such as a digital camera or barcode scanner. The addition of the GPS module allows the data being captured to be pinpointed to a precise location ” says Chief Executive Officer Chuck Weiglin
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Pradonet develops, manufactures and markets numerous Mobile and Handheld ID software, hardware, biometric devices. Our portable Mobile ID Hardware allows for Government Agencies, Systems Integrators and Access Control Companies to easily connect to existing ID systems for accurate ID verification and authentication. For more information visit www.pradonetusa.com

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment

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